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EMC Corporation Acquires Authentica, Inc.

We are pleased to announce that on Monday, February 27, 2006, Authentica, Inc. was acquired by EMC Corporation.

As you may already know, EMC is a world-class company known for its commitment to customer success, quality products and market leadership. EMC is 100% committed to investing in and growing Authentica's industry-leading enterprise digital rights management (DRM) technology and products. The ability to secure content independent of its location is one very important component of EMC's overall security strategy. Authentica represents an early indication of the kinds of security-related product extensions EMC intends to make across the entire EMC portfolio. 

We remain squarely focused on building upon the strengths of both organizations' technology, products and people to help you manage and protect all of your business information.  

EMC and Authentica share the same vision, strategy and deep commitment to our customers. None of that will change. Integration planning is complete and implementation is beginning immediately, in a manner that will combine the collective strengths of EMC and Authentica. Together we will provide best-in-class customer service and solutions to manage and protect all of your critical business information, including e-mail, electronic documents and web pages.

Authentica represents a natural extension to the EMC Documentum platform, which currently provides secure creation, tracking and distribution of content within the Documentum environment. Authentica augments these industry-leading security capabilities and will allow Documentum and eRoom users to maintain the same control over and audit access to content distributed outside the Documentum environment, outside the corporate firewall and over the Internet. Authentica has been a partner with EMC Documentum for several years, and this is a natural evolution of an already strong partnership.