"Steve and the Windspeed team were instrumental in the early stages of VistaPrint. They recognized the potential of our technology as a force to change the dynamics of the short run, full color printing and graphics design market and helped significantly to build our business to address the opportunity."

Robert Keane
Chief Executive Officer
VistaPrint Limited

With a vision to create a different entrepreneurial experience, the founding partners set out in 1999 to build our latest company: Windspeed Ventures. Having known one another for over a decade, and all having a strong entrepreneurial spirit coupled with the experience of starting and building successful businesses from early stages, we decided to assist other entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

Our experience in starting and building companies offers extraordinary value to entrepreneurs. This value comes in the form of hard-learned lessons that allow us to offer strategic and operational guidance appropriate to the situation of each new business. Two of the three Windspeed partners come from high technology operational backgrounds, the third from high finance on Wall Street. Together, we bring skills in technology evaluation, R&D, marketing, sales, finance, legal and M&A.

We also enjoy a strong network of industry talent including: entrepreneurs, seasoned managers, potential co-investors and ancillary service providers.