Windspeed Ventures actively helps build high technology companies in the communications, security, media and internet services industries. Our history includes investments in businesses providing software infrastructure and/or services to these industries.

We provide entrepreneurs at the early stages of business formation with growth capital, critical resources and guidance to exploit emerging market opportunities. We invest in teams of people with the passion and ability to succeed. We join the effort by offering our experience and our contacts to accelerate access to emerging markets.

The funds of Windspeed Ventures address a capital gap that exists between angel investors and larger venture funds. We commonly invest between one and five million dollars over the lives of our investments, usually representing the first institutional capital.

As investors in early stage businesses, we tend to approach the difficult discussions on valuation with a desire to be sure company founders are poised to maximize their ownership positions relative to the portions of the business that are to be sold. We understand that at the early stages of a developing business, value is created rapidly. Therefore, founders should be sure that they take early investment dollars wisely, as those are the most expensive. Through these efforts, we strive to create lasting value for entrepreneurs while creating superior returns for our investors.

Windspeed Ventures looks to invest in the northeast United States, however, on occasion we invest in companies headquartered elsewhere in the country.

The partners of Windspeed Ventures plan to take positions on boards of directors for companies in which we invest.


“The Comdisco Ventures portfolio is the last remaining substantial asset of Comdisco from which value must be derived. Windspeed Ventures has dramatically increased the value of this important asset in a very short time. I would recommend Windspeed as a portfolio manager to anyone looking for solid returns and strong administration with complete transparency.”

Randolph I. Thornton
President and CEO
Comdisco, Inc.